Living Uncommon

Lessons I've Learned from Donnie

Fantastic night as Dean honored Donnie Moore with a message entitled "Lessons Ive Learned From Donnie". He closed the night with 3 things he knew to do that Donnie would love:
1) Invitation to Christ- We saw 10-15 people saved(most we have ever had on a Monday night!)
2)Dean ripped a phonebook in half for Donnie!
3)Invited people to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit(apprx 20-30 people were filled!) There is a party in Heaven and Donnie is there!!


1)If you find an excuse dont pick it up.
Dont complain about what you permit.

2)Life doesnt wait on the wounded.
You have no right to anything youre unwilling to pursue.
Dont waste time being a victim. There are no victims in Christ, only victors.

3)Everybody is redeemable.
"If Im guilty of anything, let it be that I believed the best in people."

4)Be kind.
"We're easily impressed by the numbers but let me tell you about the one."

5)Ministry is not built, its given.
Let God open the doors.

6)Be available.
In a world where our heroes are untouchable, we want to be available to young people who are seeing us as larger than life.

7)Give an invitation.
Share the Gospel and give people a chance to meet Jesus.

8)Live in the altar.
God can do more in 10 seconds at an altar than man can do with 10 years of counsel.

9)Preach the baptism of Holy Spirit.
A man with an experience is never at the hand of a man with an argument.

10)Know Jesus loves me.
Theres nothing we can do to cause God to stop loving us because theres nothing we did that caused Him to start loving us.

Who is Branding You?

Who are you when theres no one around to impress?

#1 – He knew who He was
John 13:3 Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power...

If you don’t know who you are then you let people call you anything!

Its not what people call you that matters soo much than what you answer to.

#2 He knew who sent Him
John 13:3 - ....and that he had come from God…

You don’t need the approval of others because you were sent by God!

If God is for you, who can be against you?

#3 He knew who was going to reward Him
John 13:3 - ....and was returning to God…

When the crowd says, "Everyone's doing it!" You can tell them, "Well if everyone's doing it then it won't be hard for you to go find someone else to do it with."

#4 He knew who the crowd was
John 13:11 - For he knew who was going to betray him, and that was why he said not every one was clean.

If youre gonna follow the crowd, find out where the crowd is going.

How much longer are you going to let the crowd BRAND you?

Someone is Watching You

Thirty years ago Darwin Benjamin took a stand for Jesus. Sixteen years later, because of Darwin's faithfulness to the call of God and the bold stance he had taken, Dean Johnson was able to stand. Everyday people are watching those of us who choose to call ourselves followers of Christ and are coming to conclusions about who Jesus is based on the daily encounters they are having with us. Paul said we are living epistles seen and read by men. When people encounter you are they coming closer to or further from Jesus?

Who's waiting on you to take a bold stand for Jesus so that they can stand up themselves?

Small Beginnings

Zec 4:10 Who [with reason] despises the day of small things (beginnings)?

A lot of us would be convinced and believe that there is this great potential inside of us if only someone else would recognize it and point it out in us. But there’s a valuable truth about potential, and that is, if you’ve really got it and the time comes when God is ready to reveal you then you won’t have to jump up and down and point to it and say pick me. God will point to you! And people will suddenly take notice and others will seek you out and you won’t even have to market yourself!

David wasn’t auditioning to be the King of Israel. David was content to take care of the family pets on the backside of a mountain all by himself and to be a delivery boy for his dad.
And while all his brothers were receiving the affections of his dad and getting the accolades, David was being developed by God in private and not even realizing all along that when he was on his way to deliver a pizza to his brothers, a task that seemed soo meaningless, God was preparing King Saul to be able to identify the greatness and the potential inside of David!

If you will serve and do so faithfully, God will give you increase.
Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.
If you will serve faithfully and be able to do it with a right heart and a right attitude, God will bring promotion!

Excellence is not a season or a stage of development, it’s a spirit.
If you’re not completely committed to where you are, and you’re using the position you’ve been given as a platform to something greater, then you are robbing your leader of their investment and robbing yourself of the process of development that is necessary to go where God is wanting to take you.

When you can commit genuinely and authentically, is when you become valuable to others.

  • You cannot have relationship without reciprocity.
  • I would hate to live and die and wonder what could have happened if I had ever committed myself to something.
  • You’ve always been casual and never been committed.
  • You’re into everything and committed to nothing.
  • You want to get something that you aren’t willing to give.
  • You’ve never seen what you could be if you threw your whole self at your dream.
  • You’ll never achieve the apex of what a real relationship could be without reciprocity.
  • Some of the most casual people are the most talented. Because talented people will sit on their talent and use it as a camouflage to cover for their lack of commitment.
  • I take my commitment too seriously to throw it around too loosely.

God is a God of power and a God of excellence.

  • Excellence doesn't happen by mistake.
  • No one has ever been successful on accident.
  • Michael Jordan never threw his uniform out on the court and took the night off.
  • Joe DiMaggio, "There is always some kid who may be seeing me for the first or last time, I owe him my best."
  • You already have in your inventory everything you need to be a great success. The key is to identify what you have and give yourself to it.
  • Bo Jackson, "God gave me an arm like a rifle. He gave me the ability to run like a deer. With all that God has given me, it would be impossible not to be successful at something."