Why Do I Believe?

Today’s modern culture is asking the question, WHAT do you believe?

The world thinks they want to know WHAT the Christian believes, but the fact is the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing (1 Cor 1:18).

As a Christian, when my focus becomes on WHAT I believe, I can so easily fall into debate and argument. I now become more interested in winning the fight rather than winning a soul.

Jesus was the master of taking control of a conversation. The person who asks the most questions will always control the conversation. Learn to ask the right questions. The world is looking for answers but they are asking the wrong questions.

This is what we can learn from Jesus. Rather than being quick to give a response to a question being asked, listen! Find out the answer they are actually looking for. I can do more to help somebody in my listening than I can in my responding. When I take the time to listen, I am able to gather the necessary information I need to know; which question I should be asking to help navigate others to what it is they are truly in need of.

People are in search of answers but don’t know the questions they need to be asking to find what it is they are looking for.

This is a problem with the modern church in America and why many of them are not experiencing God’s presence or a genuine move of the Spirit which sets people free. The church is distracted asking the question, WHAT do we need to do to grow. So, the focus becomes programs, gimmicks, giveaways and marketing campaigns. And in the midst of all of the conniving, planning and branding to be bigger and better than the church down the street, they have forgotten WHY they are doing it all to begin with.

I would imagine if Jesus were here today and these church leaders asked Him, WHAT do we need to do to grow? WHAT should we do to get people’s attention? I see Jesus asking in return, WHY are you in such a rush to grow? WHY are you wanting their attention?

Asking the wrong question for so long is what has caused the Holy Spirit to be grieved and exit our churches. Without the power of God present which brings salvation, freedom, peace, joy and hope to lost people, the church is deluded to nothing more than a concert and inspirational seminar produced by the hollow hands of man.

Jesus said, If my name be lifted up, I will draw all men to myself.

When the church rejects the gift God promised of the Holy Spirit to give us power to stand boldly for Jesus in this world, it has to conform to the patterns of the world to bring in a crowd through radio campaigns, billboard ads, free merchandise, and special events. Everything under the sun accept the one way Jesus instructed.

And when the world is asking, WHAT does the Christian believe, what they really want to know is, WHY do I believe.

The world isn’t going to be moved by knowing WHAT I believe, but if I can articulate WHY I believe these things by sharing my personal experience that affirms the Word of God in my life, I’m able to make Jesus a reality for them.

A man with an experience is never at the hand of a man with an argument.