God’s Favorite Word

If we were to strip Christianty down to its bare bones, to the most simple, uncomplicated place we could take it to, Christianity would come down to simply one word, obedience.

One word separates Heaven from hell- Obedience.

What is obedience?

Obedience is the scale upon which God weighs our love.

John 14:23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.

The price of obedience may be pain, but the promise of obedience is prosperity.

Obedience allows us to hold God accountable to His promises.

Vision + Obedience thru Faith is the equation for my Reality as a believer!

Your average Christian today doesn’t want to endure the tough times that obedience to God’s Word requires us to go thru.

So what we do is we make sacrifices in place of our obedience. The reason we do this is because sacrifices are temporary inconveniences that allow us to give the impression of Godliness thru our good deeds. Sacrifices have nothing to do with our fruit and they provide an environment for us to continue living wrong because sacrifices don’t put a demand on us for repentance. So we do our good deeds and justify our lifestyle by rationalizing how “good” we are.

Rationalization is allowing our mind to find excuses to do the things my spirit knows are wrong.

People will be offended by your obedience! People will not understand decisions the Lord is prompting you to make and they will become frustrated and agitated by you. Sometimes those people will not be content to disagree with your choices, they will rise up against you and wage an all out assault on you.

If we are concerned about having the acceptance or approval of others we will never go where God created us to go. Obedience will take you places that don’t make sense.

Without Christ and obedience to Him, your life will always be like a broken cistern unable to be filled regardless of what you pour in.

Obedience doesn’t always lead to good experiences but it promises a good outcome. I’ve never experienced stepping into an area of Gods will and not been fully amazed by how much greater His plans are than my own.

Extravagant obedience brings extravagant blessings!! #IamUncommon