Slow Fade

Luke 22
When the Roman soldiers came to arrest Jesus in the garden, the disciples asked, "What should we do Lord?" Before Jesus could respond, Peter drew his sword and sliced off the ear of one of the guards!

As they took Jesus away, Peter followed at a distance.

When they arrived at their destination, a girl asked Peter if he walked with Jesus. Peter denied it saying, "I never knew the man."

Peter would go back to what was familiar, his fishing business.

Jesus reappeared to him after the resurrection, looked at Peter and said, "I'm gonna build my church on you and the gates of hell will never overcome it!"

  1. Peter's Decision: Peter did not wait on an answer from Jesus but acted on his own.
  2. Peter's Distance: When we choose to act outside of God's will we create separation.
  3. Peter's Denial: Distance eventually becomes denial of who Jesus is in our lives.
  4. Peter's Destiny: In all his mishaps, Peter could not change the plan God had for his life. He would go from 3 failures to 3000 converts!

Its never to late to be who you might become!! #IamUncommon