Growing up with no father, Dean knows first-hand what it is to be lost with no hope for a future and full of pain. He understands the struggle of students today who are lacking leadership and guidance and how that void shows itself through hurt, anger and low self esteem. Struggling throughout middle and high school, Dean entered his young adult years believing that life is pain and pain is life until he had given up on all hope for a bright future. He has turned those struggles into victories and is a true believer in the power of a dream.

Jesus didn’t come to take away my fun, He came to take away my pain.

What We've Achieved

  • Motivational talks for Major League Baseball teams including LA Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, KC Royals, Boston Red Sox and many more! 
  • Has preached in 11 states and on 3 continents
  • Chapel team for Oakland A's
  • Suicide prevention/Yellow Ribbon events for United States Military
  • Guest speaker in prison yards throughout California
  • Spoken to athletes on university level including Stanford, UC Davis, SSU and more!
  • Luis Palau Affiliate
  • Radical Reality team member
  • Monday night service called Uncommon