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— Dr. Samuel Huddleston, Assistant District Superintendent, Assemblies of God Northern California & Nevada District

Darwin Benjamin -  Truth Ministries

Darwin Benjamin - Truth Ministries

Uncommon is a ministry that is exactly that, uncommon in the world we live in today. In fact, the only thing common in this ministry is the full gospel. Uncommon has been birth by God, choosing a team of people headed by Dean Johnson, that began with prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. As the truth of the Word so declared, signs and wonders follow. There is no religious overtone, just the Raw, Real, Relevant truth from the Word of God to: Save the lost - Equip the believers - Empowered by the Holy Spirit, to do what Jesus commanded. Love God - Love one another without judgement - Love your enemies - Preach the Gospel to all baptizing them in the name of the Father - Son - Holy Spirit. This is a ministry of excellence. In my opinion every church needs an evangelist office. I highly recommend this ministry if you are serious about knowing God and saving souls!!!
— Darwin Benjamin, Evangelist, Truth Ministries